Thursday, April 1, 2010

Filming "Obscure" tomorrow - Psychological Thriller

I got a date where my two friends are free and so we're booked to start filming "Obscure" tomorrow!

Gah it's almost 1 AM though and I haven't really written the script. I have the general idea, some costumes and props and a location but as for what I imagine doing when I get there, I still have to plan. Always cramming! But seriously, all of spring break I haven't relaxed at all. For some reason filming makeup tutorials takes A LOT out of a person, if you care about lighting, background and good angles. Arggh. But this is what I love to do and I choose to, so I shouldn't complain.

So Obscure is supposed to be a horror/psychological thriller. It's for this bi-annual film festival within my school, but if things go well enough, maybe I can submit it to more places? I'll just have to look out for copyright music and sounds.

So my idea is, Obscure is a silent film that mostly takes place in a forest or abandoned wood run area. I won't say the plot because it's supposed to be a puzzle and it's a silent film, so, if I say it here the film might be no fun...if it turns out right. But I'm aiming to make it horror/psychological thriller.

I am going to load up on special effects ... on iMovie.

Is it normal to get creeped by your own ideas/footage you took yourself/ideas in your head? I always gravitate to horror and scary things yet they terrify me. Straaange.

So this film is supposed to involve forests, masks, fake blood, memory loss, knives and scary girls. Sound fun? Sound typical? Nyehh we'll see.

I even wrote a song for it! It's like 4 lines though, but I think it'll be the only dialogue or spoken words in the entire thing. It's gonna be like .... 6-8 minutes since there is a time limit.

Team Audivila! :) So excited I am filming a narrative tomorrow! I've been doing tiresome documentaries in teams for so long, it's about time I got to do something like this. So thankful!

PS - I have two actors and myself tomorrow. However I need another person so I am going to be acting with them at one point tomorrow. Despite how many times I've put myself in front of the camera for a tutorial or talk video, when it's people watching and other people holding a camera, I get so awkward! Wish me luck!


- bring your camera when you are visiting an interesting place. you never know what footage could come in handy later. *this is saved me so many times and gotten me footage i wouldn't have been able to film when i needed it

- expect changes, expect things to be not what you expected. is the image of a painting in an artist's head the same as their finished product? rarely ever

- the weather is usually not on your side

- do not drop your camera. yeah.

- Keep the camera on longer

- Try multiple perspectives and angles

- Be patient with the actors, they're not inside your head

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