Saturday, April 3, 2010

Concept sketches were made before the first "dress rehearsal" which was also about an hour before filming :P

I'm quite happy with how the makeup and costumes turned out :) You like?

I probably can't come back to the original location of Day 1 filming, and I'll be starting school in about 2 days. So to be honest I'm worried this won't get finished in time. Submission's aren't due til noon on April 23, but still, school eats up time and energy like no other. I'm also more prone to napping and being unproductive when I'm in the dorms for some reason.

I need two more actors to be victims. I need time to edit. Need to go to open houses. Need to pass stats. Need to be loyal to my other duties.

I seriously have not slept more than 7 hours on a single night of spring break. GAH.

I have two more videos I want to film tomorrow for makeup but I haven't finalized the script yet and it's 2:30 AM.

I've been editing Obscure all day and now the freaky music is stuck in my head.


Okay. No more whining.

- If anything, know what scenes you need next

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