Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Obscure Editing

Well. Since I am swamped with 19 units of classes this semester, bad planning, trying to plan tours to visit art schools I might want to transfer to and too many individual side projects, I haven't gotten the chance to fully put all my attention on editing Obscure. I compiled a bunch of test footage all in this one project and I think that kind of backfired cause now it's like 12 minutes of confusion. I may just start over. (In Editing) Maybe this current project will just be a test to see how some footage works and how some does not. I filmed a bunch of intro/nature/setting from 3 locations, 2 specifically chosen for Obscure, the other while I happened to be in a slightly foresty region with my family.

So anyway ... one more weekend until it's due. The 23rd. I really really want to get in. It'd make my year :P

So I wrote this "Post Production" planning thing on paper where I tried to break down times. For example

2:00 - Intro, subtitles & setup
2:00 - Setup, rise to climax
1:00 - Climax
1:00 Fall from Climax
1:00 Closure + Credits

It has to be under 8 minutes, so I was aiming for 6-7. I don't want this film to seem rushed and half assed :(

I also wrote down the mood I'm trying to convey. I wrote: eerie, doll-like, psychotic, lonely, confusing.

I still need to re-record the short song I wrote in my creepy little girl voice.

Sound effects i esp. want: Whispers, giggles, fantastical movie music, rustles maybe

I hope I have time to edit ... these school tours and early life crisis is really getting in the way of everything. So is my fear of failing stats and finding housing for next year.

But here, enjoy a picture of my two best friends out of character and one of my editing in the making!

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