Friday, April 16, 2010

3 Filmly Things

I finally painted my fingernails and toenails black today yayy. Wow that sounds grosser than it should have. But I bought the nailpolish for like 98 cents from a place near home and brought it to college and I thought I didn't bring it but I did and WHOO I am painted and drying. I actually bit off most of my nails when stressing about stats but hey, here I am.

... So, that was my non-film talk.

Tomorrow, I am doing three filmly things:

1. Going to the first hour and a half of a film festival hosted by another school. I have free tickets, but I may be alone for this one :(

2. Got to come back to school early to attend the dress rehearsal of Devil's Mark as their makeup artist

3. Spend the night (hopefully) doing some progressive editing on Obscure. I really need to get this done, I don't have another weekend to work on it after this one!

Speaking of, I have two trial movie posters. What think?

Nyehhh I'm nervous for tomorrow. But no classes, yay!

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