Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lessons on set from observation

As Director
- give the actors some freedom to interpret their own lines and listen to their suggestions
- be friendly to everyone on set, familiarize

As Gaffers/Light
- uhhh ... know what you're doing. the world of these men (they're all men here) is still super misty to me

As an actor
- bring some of your own makeup,it can be a lifesaver
- familiarize yourself with people you have lines with
- work on interpretting the lines
- try 2
- hold your eyelids relaxed for the makeup!

- bring food
- check in with everyone occasionally
- carry a clipboard

makeup artist
- when you have freetime, reorganize your makeup so that all the brushes are together, all the eyemakeup is separate from the lipsticks, etc. when rushing on set, you want things to be easy to find and grab
- bring tissue, oil wipes and cosmetic wedges
- keep your hands clean and not weird-smelling
- chew gum or don't breathe on them ... luckily i didn't have to go through anything traumatic as the artist to learn this. though when i had my makeup done as a bridesmaid for a wedding, it would have been nice if i wasn't breathed on in the hot weather
- bring "stuff" just in case i.e. hairspray, extra brushes, that color you never use etc.

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