Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Films, how original a title

Day 2 of being on set of The Devil's Mark was maybe less stressful because I was more familiar with the work I was to do, but sitting around for hours waiting to assist in touch-ups was killer. I didn't bring my laptop this time in hopes I'd read this book for class, but I didn't get too far. It's kinda of lonely there, but at least all day shooting was on campus.

As for my own film, Obscure, I was suppose to edit it today, all day, but I didn't do half as much as I'd hoped. I got 4 hours of sleep from like 10 PM-1:30 AM ... and I have one class tomorrow at about 12:30 PM so I'm just planning to stay up and get as much done as possible. It's 5 AM right now. I know, unhealthy, but it's due Friday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are going to be slightly busy. And after this, it's academics, of course. So I want it done. I've had to stay up pretty long editing a few times this year, I should be used to it. Besides, it's my baby, a film I wrote, directed, did makeup for and acted in. I should be thrilled to be editing it! ... though I do wish for sleep. Ah well. Hopefully this turns out right!

Someone just suggested I make a movie trailer for it. Haha, maybe after I actually finish the movie. I LOVE making trailers though. I already made 2 movie posters for it, so yes! A trailer is must.

Tonight/as the sun rises, the plan is to work on just getting the story elements in. Tomorrow, when time I will work on lighting and stabilizing and good angles. Hopefully the last to do is all the sound, music and special sound effects. I may have to add some sounds of my own (footsteps, child giggles, whispers etc.)

Well, that's the plan!

Good day/night/morning for now.

Man, just when I started going to sleep early, I have to break it to finish this.

Oh and I heard today A LOT of artists stay up til like 2 AM and beyond frequently cause it's their most creative hours. And that it's soon to be a mental illness? Hmm ... well. I have no problem with whatever it's called. It's when all the ideas and hard work come :P Just how some people work.

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