Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today was strangely tiring. I don't feel accomplished or as if I did any tiring work. But my legs hurt and I feel more tired than I usually do for 4:30 AM! Maybe it's because for the past 2-3 days I've been trying to sleep by 2 AM. (I usually stay up pretty late, against my desires ... one time this week I was up til like 6. Then 8. AM)

Gweh anyway, so it's Friday night to me but tech. it's Saturday morning now.

I had no classes on Friday but I spent most of the day running around, then I went to watch part of the film festival. The producer of The Matrix and Lord of the Rings was there (I think?) to accept an award so I was like ... le gasp. Just knowing he was around people like Gimli, Gandalf, Aragorn and Legolas is enough for me. And the Matrix! Forever one of my favored movies. But anyway, I got to see some Documentary, Music Video and Cinematographer based student films. Really good, it made me want to go there I'll admit. But then I remembered a review online that said, "save all the money you wold have spent on tuition for equipment." Right now it's my desire to stay here.

I rushed to Walgreens after leaving the festival to buy some cosmetic wedges for the dress rehearsal back at school.

So many angry people, any trains, angry cars ...

I rushed back to my dorm to fix my makeup and pick UP my makeup bag, and when I got to the studio I was an hour late but when i asked, "Am I late?" They were like, "Ohh noo ... we're just getting started." Shoulda known from my own experience that the call time is often extended cause no one's really ready :P

I did makeup on a 23 year old actress who is playing the lead. She is African-American and BEAUTIFUL! Though I was worried my cosmetics weren't gonna show up on her skin. We had some trouble, but luckily she brought her NARS blush (which worked wonders) and she's bringing her own foundation tomorrow, cause I don't have their skin types ...

I'm worried. I'm worried they can all tell I'm not professional :( But gah! They advertised at a school so they got a student makeup artist Mehhh. I just hope I don't do a crap job for first day of shooting tomorrow. 8 Hours of shooting! Gahhh

It was nice to go to another school's festival, then come to a film shooting by by own school to assure me that I can still make some nice films here THEN get to go back to my dorm, freshen up and work on editing my own short, Obscure.

UNFORTUNATELY i am so tired i stopped within 2 hours.

and my eyes are falling closed

i have to get up early tomorrow. on sunday too. and i have a ton of hw and editing.

save me

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