Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Umm so I couldn't go location scouting today. Stayed in bed after I went to my 9 AM midterm all day. All this work and lack of food and sleep finally caught up to me! I don't have a full-on fever yet but I gave up today's productivity trying to heal before it got bad.

Mehh so tomorrow I have one class thankfully and I hope to go location scouting. I have some random people that kind of offered to help with the film, but other than that not much. I want to give them all the info as soon as possible formally but I didn't get to that today.

It's late now though, and I'm conflicted between doing stuff, doing advance homework or sleeping. I took two vitamin C tablets. I hope that and water will do for the night, cause I took cold medicine earlier.

Oh and I gave in and showed my friend (one of the actors in Obscure) the ending I made for the film. He likes it, yay!

- psychotic, editing, color scheme, creepy

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