Monday, April 5, 2010

Back to School

Well it's early Monday morning, as in the 12:27 AM of to me, what is still Sunday.

I'm back at school. I had a lot more luggage than usual because one, I'm staying here for a long time two, I had to bring all my makeup for the makeup artist job with someone else's student film and three, I had to bring my props for Obscure. Good thing for duffle bags! I am forever a duffle bag appreciator from now on.

So on the way here, despite it being nighttime I was trying to find locations to film the rest of Obscure. I need a foresty area without civilization surroundings and preferably somewhat high grass. I don't want to have the worry of passersby staring at strangely dressed teens looking somewhat threatening.

Buut we'll see. I have four possible locations. That's not too bad. I am hoping to film this weekend on Saturday or Sunday. I'm just afraid people won't be able to make it. I checked the weather though - should be sunny. Cause today it's pouring.

I wrote this messy shot list but I want to have definite actors set by at least Tuesday, a final shot list and everything I need to make the second day of filming efficient and quick. Submissions aren't due until April 23, but considering all my other projects and keeping up with school, I should film this thing a.s.a.p. so that I have time for some quality editing and any problems that may arise last minute.

I can't wait for if this really goes through; I love the feeling of turning in a film. I really really hope it gets chosen for screening. It's just a small student festival within my college campus, but honestly it means the world to me right now. Gotta start somewhere.

I had this idea of, when I make 8-10 short films or creations, I should put them on a DVD and create a cute little menu for them. First Audivila Films DVD! Haha, wishful thinking.

Last last night I drafted more layouts and text for the Audivila Films website. So excited! I was looking at my old HTML books ... it's been so long since I coded a webpage. I'm going to have to find my old passwords and study my old websites to remember how to do everything!

I hope to have the website open by May.

Well, I wish I could draft stuff tonight but it's kinda late and I have to do some stuff for school for tomorrow. Hopefully I can get down to business after Monday classes!

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