Thursday, April 29, 2010

May 7 Opening Day?

May 7 was originally the opening day for Obscure on YouTube, Vimeo and the Internet (it's official spot on the Obscure movie site) but because of school and its demands, I didn't think I could realistically have the website ready by then with the layout perfected and the trailer, and the film itself. I REALLY want to keep my promise and have it there, May 7, no flaws. But being realistic .... time will tell.

So the Collective @ The Coppola film festival I entered EXTENDED its due date to April 30! I busted my a** April 22 and nearly the entire day of April 23 to get it done, exported, onto a DVD and under their turn-in door. And even though I previewed it over 10 times on iMovie before exporting, it still had sound defects. So, I'm taking advantage of the second chance and fixing it and turning it back in. I don't know if I can make it shorter, but I think I can make the sound quality better.

We'll see. If I get in, I'm really going to want to go ... I wish Mother's Day wasn't on the same weekend, because I should be home that day and the film festival is HERE.

Well, enjoy the clip! You like? I used it on the iDVD menu screen. It repeats there. Here, it plays once. The guy is the most adorable best friend :)

Here is a picture of my hand-drawn concept sketch for the movie website layout and its features:

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