Sunday, April 25, 2010

Obscure Post Production & Last Day of "Devil's Mark"

I've been posting some screenshots (very few) on Facebook to people who know me to try and get some sense of hype or knowledge of Obscure's opening day. It's a wonderful feeling when friends tell you they're looking forward to seeing your work! Same for my friends on Twitter and YouTube too :)

So I made the "official movie page" the other day and whipped up a quick photoshop blending image for now (I'll have a different one for when the website has the trailer, screenshots, a cast page and the actual movie). I haven't gotten a chance to make a somewhat complex design like that in so long - it's wonderful knowing those are shots by me, ideas from my head, finally made real. Eeeee!

Here's the website page ...

Opening day for Obscure is supposedly May 7, 2010 ... though I'm afraid setting a deadline for myself might not have been such a good idea, cause editing that for the film festival killed me.

Speaking of ...

I started editing Obscure for the school film festival at 2 AM (the morning it was due). It was supposed to be due at 12 PM. I stayed up all night. I stayed up all day and left the computer momentarily to get to a 9 AM class to take a quiz. Got a smoothie, came back and edited til 5 PM. Walked to the art building to turn it in.

What sucks is on iMovie it doesn't always show you how it really SOUNDS when you go through it before exporting ... so there was a lot of background sounds of me talking that ARE NOT supposed ot be there, and take away from the film.

It was also roughly cut .. cause I was rushing so badly. The movie that will be released on the Internet is supposed to be much more trimmed, make more sense and have much better sound.

The film was about 7:45 minutes (the one I turned in) ... I have a feeling it won't get in cause it's too long, which makes me sad. But none of the actors are going to be able to make it to the festival anyway. I might not too ...

So I'm trying to focus on making the Internet debut much better, considering I'm not expecting to get in, and if I do, I probably won't be there to see it and if I am I'll be kind of embarassed because it wasn't the cleanest cut edit. It looks like I was careless and didn't try when really I was awake for 15+ hours straight, editing it and rewatching it to try and make it as clean cut as possible cause I was already late for the turn-in time of 12 PM (I turned it in at about 5:30 PM that day)

I don't know if they received it, but well ... we'll see. The day of the film festival is May 8.

I'm planning to release it to the Internet on May 7 ... if I can make it in time.

Cause I also wanted to finish an official trailer, a working website and MAYBE the Audivila Films website. It's not realistic though. But it is what I wish for.

Now, for a sneak peek screenshot:

I wish I could have some "exclusive" videos on the website too of like tours of the place, short videos about "the making of" and scouting for locations and maybe even concept sketches or how I came up with the idea. It'd be okay to add those later though, right? Cause it's completely not realistic or smart prioritizing to expect to come up with all those videos, two websites, a trailer AND the final cut for the actual damn movie. GAH!

.... yeah I totally should not have set an opening day. I should have said "SUMMER 2010" not freaking May 7. Guhhh I might have to extend it ...



As for Devil's Mark ...

Today was supposed to be the last day of filming, but really it was yesterday! It was also supposed to go from 9 AM - 8 PM, but the producer let me go early! She said she used to do makeup for movies so she knows what it's like to wait around, feeling like you're wasting your time. My best friend came with me to accompany me and help me get to the place (we had to take two buses). We got to eat at this hippie-ish/spanish cafe' then walk to an apartment with REALLY steep stairs and a scary basement (the filming location was supposed to be a hideout area for the two Christians hiding from the Satanic authority). Luckily I got to setup makeup upstairs, in a beautifully sun-lit room ... so no scary basements for me!

I did makeup on two the lead actors for the last time and on one of the techie guys/editors that was filling in as a "satanic cop" He was really nice, and told me a bit about my school's film program. He said it was more independent and didn't really prepare you for feature films, like L.A., but he also repeated something everyone I ask has said, "It's not so much where you go, but who you know and what you do." It must be true then?

I also did makeup for fun on the friend who brought me there. Natural guy makeup! I just added some skin-colored powder, clear lip balm and redefined his eyebrows haha. I also used an undereye brightening stick on him.

Speaking of, I need to wash my brushes and sterilize stuff I used on those people.

And well! I hugged the producer and one of the actresses and left with my suitcase full of makeup and things to entertain (books, movies). Left much earlier than anticipated, which ROCKED!

I'm so glad my friend came with me :)

I got some of me doing makeup on them on tape too, so I might post that to AUDFACED or AUDIVILA on YouTube someday when I have time to edit. Hopefully they send me a DVD of Devil's Mark in the future ... I wanna see how the makeup showed up!!

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