Saturday, April 17, 2010

On Set

I just did makeup on

1. A middle aged woman, maybe 28 who is Latina
2. A 12 year old girl ^ her daughter
3. a Latino man? Portuguese i think Maybe 40's he plays an evil guard
4. he father; 40's but looks young, caucasian
5. a 23 year old, african american woman. she's gorgeous! i love how colors show up on her skin
6. a young man, maybe early to mid 20's, caucasian

SO many different skin tones! Luckily the producer brought 3 palettes called "Cinema Secrets." Saved me, because I don't have foundation and concealer for all these skin tones.

Basically I've been covering blemishes, contouring, defining eyebrows and putting dark circles on people. In my mind I'm just trying to imagine I'm Michelle Phan and that I know what I'm doing. When I started contouring this woman's nose she was like, "Hmm i've never heard of this before. Interesting." I was like eeeep in my head I'm like, "Act like you know what you're doing. Act like you know what you're doing."

I'm actually still on set right now, the actors are in the same room. I brought my laptop and some books, knowing that on set there's intense work, then hours of sitting around doing nothing. Horray!

I'm so glad we're on campus though, so my dorm is about 5 minutes away and food to buy is nearby (though they have a snack table) and a fully functioning bathroom is right down the hall. This is my favorite building here.

What's funny is, right outside the studio that they're shooting in is the hallway I shot the first narrative script I wrote (Hard Candy) It was a rushed film and only 5 minutes, but it was for CMF (Campus Movie Fest 2009). The same bathroom I did makeup on my friend/actress is the one I just went to. Nyehehe.

Sooo I'm still here. Kind of tired, but at least I have my laptop and food! It's already 2:30 PM though, and we have to be out of here by 5 PM. They started setting up at 9 AM. I got here at 10:30 AM. Oh how slow things go.

I understand though, technical problems get in the way. Good thing we're not outside though, cause waiting for the sun/chasing the sun is insane sometimes.

I wish I had all of today to edit Obscure and work on some prom makeup tutorials, but I'm glad I didn't bail on this project.

Hey, maybe I'll have my name in the credits of this film! How cool would that be, "Makeup Artist" or "Makeup by ...."

Ooooh how fun :)

You know what'd be cool? Doing makeup on girls from my old high school for prom.

Okay I'm getting ahead of myself.

SO I tried editing Obscure last night but I burnt out, so tired. My friend wants to go out tonight but I really want to get some videos and homework done. She was the star of Obscure though, so I'm torn between what to do :|

Weeelll I suppose I'll end this haphazard blog for now. Till later!

Hopefully Devil's Mark gets posted on the Internet somewhere or they have a preview so that you will be able to see their makeup :)

I realized I just want to be involved in all the aspects of film:

writing, directing, editing, cinematography, acting, voice, makeup, costume, hair, producing, storyboarding and set design ... it sounds like i'm indecisive but really i think, i just love the world of film in pre and post production and well, production at that. wonder what that means...

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