Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My dad told me that if I want to succeed in my field, I have to start reading more. I love reading a good novel, but it takes just as much time to do those things as it does to plan things, film stuff, edit and homework. But I supposed I could read a little of something everyday. Reading's always good. But how to find good books ...

He's also sent me links to articles about voice acting and internships and he's bought me at least 3 books about either Disney animation, creative thinking (imagineering) and film.

My mom helped me get an HD camera.

I love my parents for supporting me but I hope this whole artistic career isn't just some dream I'm chasing that's not really going to go too far. I hope I can make them proud.

I think I might transfer to art school next year and I'm a bit terrified of the debt it may cause. Why is art school so expensive!

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