Sunday, December 26, 2010

Makeup Glimpses in the Philippines

I'm spending this Christmas season in the Philippines and have been here for about a week as of now. And I have been to a number of malls with my relatives here mostly because my sister is on this epic hunt for these flats she found at Shu Bizz a few years ago and wants another pair :P

Anywayy it's nice seeing the ways things are laid out in a different country and it's a bit of challenge converting pesos to U.S. dollars everytime I see a price.

But of course, I do naturally gravitate toward anything cosmetic-like. I was at Landmark mall the other day and it was so strange, seeing LOREAL and Maybelline and Cover Girl have a counter to test makeup like it was a high end brand. Though, it was nice to be able to test them even if in the states, they are usually packaged drugstore products. Usually, back in the states, only brands like ORIGINS, Laura Mercier?, Lancome, Clinique and some other brands I can't remember off the top of my head are the ones behind counters.

I was waiting for my group to come back in the midst of the cosmetics/shampoo section of a store and realized I was next to a rack of BB Creams. I remember 2 people from my Audfaced Facebook mentioned it and it was either 244 pesos or 400 something pesos which is about $5-10 so i was like HEY why not? So I got two bottles ...

Here's what it looks like:

I've tried it out a few times but it'll take some time and testing to do a proper blog review or video review.

I also got this amazingly pigmented and actually pretty long lasting Maybelline palette that I know you can find the states too and I've seen it there before ... I just never got to test it. It's called "Fresh Green" and I used it the very next day for a Christmasy peacock colored outfit I had. The makeup lasted all day and night! I was impressed. Here it is, I got a picture from Google but it's from this other girl's makeup blog. You should check it out, she has some cutesy cool stuff!

I've also gotten to see a few stores and brand names I have completely no knowledge of. It's kind of nice! Getting to test brands and stuff all over again not sure what will really be good or not or what brand. I know I went into this shop called "Etude House" and got some eyeshadows there ... I got a matte black shadow and this pewter-ish shimmery color.

Anyway, besides the minor makeup ventures here in the PI I've also brought some videos and photoshoot pictures to work on here and there. I'm currently working on Mystic Mermaid photoshoot pictures and playing with footage and music to use in the Behind the Scenes video, my Poison Ivy/Two Faced photoshoot pictures and this "original Audfaced look" demo video of this hardcore, metal look I named Steel Assassin. Tis very painful looking o_o Wanna see?

waha! Yes yes it is very metal-oriented and painful looking ... but sacrifices must be made to get the essence of some looks! 
This video SHOULD (keyword is should) somehow be edited and posted sometime in January 2011. It's probably going to be my first video for 2011, yeehayy!

Ah and a sneak peek for the Mystic Mermaid photoshoot ...

Get your New Year's resolutions ready, 2011 is going to be a year of creativity!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sneak Peek Photos: My Rendition of Batman Villains

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent / Two Face
This will be a quick post because I have to keep studying for my finals (i took 20 units this semester again, gah!)

Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy

Yesterday was my Stage Makeup class final and I chose to do Batman villains. Not only was I stressing for the actual makeup application and catching all of the process on film but I was also double tasking making sure it was filming, that I wasn't in the way and that my card wasn't out of memory or battery while doing makeup! Then after all that madness I squeezed in a photoshoot of the look just using the environment of my community college campus. Use what you have, people! I didn't think there were any good settings and was bummed but so far the first pictures turned out okay. I chose to do Poison Ivy and Harvey Dent (Two Face) so I wished we could have gone in a full fledged forest and a city scape for Two Face but ... like I said, we had to work with what he had. For now, I'll just include the inspirational pictures and the first photos I edited from the shoot. More later!

However, I have my mermaid photoshoot that I still need to finish up and make the video so this project won't be done for a long time. 

My rendition of Two Face & Poison Ivy
I don't know when the rest will be finished and the Behind the Scenes video will take a lot of time to make (I would also like to show the creation of the prosthetics because I made those from scratch) But ... stay tuned for all the projects that will be released in between then!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Left 4 Dead "The Witch" Horror Makeup Tutorial

Before & After, yikes!
In the middle of October or I think the end of September someone randomly asked me to do a Halloween tutorial of "The Witch" from Left 4 Dead. All honesty on the table, I didn't know what this game even was before this person requested it. The Witch's name/title on its own intrigued me enough to look up some rather eerie videos and pictures to learn more and observe how she moves, what her story is and the general feel of L4D. Luckily I have some awesome friends who play the game so I asked them too for their two cents on the witch.

I knew I was already swamped with way too many classes to keep track of and 5 Halloween tutorials that I already chose and decided to stick with since like ... September or even August. But I knew none of those tutorials had that sense of gore and eeriness that I think is a special aspect of Halloween! Okay well ... in America :P I have a thing for the dark stuff I suppose. I had always wanted to do a Grudge tutorial or a Samara (from The Ring) tutorial or even Carrie (Stephen King character) but The Witch seemed more original and I figured cosplayers might find it helpful too. And it's always a challenge to try and nail a character without knowing anything about it from the start.
As soon as I brought home the wig I tried it on. It's the first wig I ever bought & owned!

So somehow, I scheduled in a night to film it (I always end up filming the scariest looks at night ... its scary sometimes, to be up past midnight, just in a bathroom putting on scary makeup o__o) It was a very messy and time consuming tutorial.

BUT I got it done and almost released it in time for Halloween but the day before Halloween I was so exhausted from my job (working in a haunted house screaming at people) and school that I figured it was pointless to rush and voice the tutorial and post it the day before Halloween when no one would be able to find it in time by then.

So ... I put it off. I said November, but ... it just didn't seem right and November proved to be alarmingly busy, school and life-wise. I would release it in December but ... yeaaah. It's Christmas season, who wants to be a zombie during Christmas season?

Okay, maybe someone does but not many. I can't wait til next Halloween so I'm thinking January. But at the same time don't be surprised if you see it on YouTube during Christmas/Winter Break xD

So far, this tutorial scared me the most. When I did trial makeup for this in my room at night I took a break and was using my laptop and forgot how I looked. I glanced in the mirror and was like EEK!

Look out for The Witch from Left 4 Dead as portrayed by meee.

This is Trial #1 in comparison to the character

This is (i'm pretty sure) a fan-made level because there would never be THAT many "The Witches" in one place. BUT ... with so many, you can kinda get their concept, no? hee hee

enhanced photo taken from the tutorial. glowing eyes! :0

The Finalized Look, yikes!

EDIT: December 9, 2010 == Tutorial is up and posted!

More "Behind the Tutorial" Bits

That's my hand holding this flashlight I have for blackouts & emergencies that flashes and could probably induce a seizure o_o I actually locked myself in a room at night with a camera and that light to film this. Kinda eerie. 

For you!
This is me too :) I wasn't dressed up as the witch, I just had the claws on. If you can tell, I'm holding the camera with my other hand. A lot of things in this tutorial were filmed separately. This was the last part I filmed in December actually as a last minute add-in. The actual tutorial was filmed in October. 

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Question: Do you scare yourself looking like that when you look in the mirror?

My Answer: I worked in a haunted house this past Halloween where I was in full makeup and costume (gore) in the darkness with scary music playing for hours straight and you know me, I have a thing for dark stuff and horror at times. BUT sometimes, after awhile and it's say 3 or 4 AM in the morning and I look like this? I just want to shower, have a clean face and be wrapped in warm clothes instead of a bloody cloth from the Spirit Store xD But yes, sometimes I startle myself a bit but it's part of becoming a character! 

2. Question: Do you play L4D or L4D 2?
My Answer: No .... I didn't know much about this game until someone randomly requested for a tutorial. I had wanted to do a super eerie, scary, female horror look and originally I REALLY wanted to do Samara, Carrie or The Grudge or something like that but somehow I was led into doing this. I realized even if it wasn't Halloween, people might find this helpful if they're cosplaying. But no! I am unfortunately not very literate in the videogame world ... but I do find it super fascinating and I admire those who know a lot about it and see an art & culture to it.

3. Question: How long did this take you to film?
Answer: It's important to keep in mind that filming a tutorial will always take much longer than actually applying the makeup in front of a mirror yourself. For tutorials I have to stop and pose, check in the mirror to make sure it looks right (usually I'm only looking into a tiny camera screen) and deal with complications, all kinds of stuff. Then I always do my "acting" sections so ... the very complicated and in this case, messy looks can take as long as 3-4 hours. A regular look usually takes me 1-2 hours. Funny how that all must be condensed into 6-12 minutes eh?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Closing 2010 - An Intro to Makeup Artistry & My Story and Struggles

Oddly enough I have only been into makeup since I was about 17. True, I wore makeup through high school starting my freshman year at 14 years old, but I didn't know anything past brown or black eyeliner and eventually, one shade of foundation, bronzer and occasionally red lipstick that made me look crazy.

me before my senior prom
 The only reason I found the makeup guru world on YouTube was because when I was going to my senior prom, I didn't want to pay $50 to have my face possibly overdone by a counterworker at MAC at the mall like most of my classmates did.  I had always been intruiged by makeup, but never seriously thought it'd be my thing. I had always just been well, a drawer. I drew stuff. But not so much on my face. It all seemed so odd and theatrical and out of my reach. Anyway, I wanted to just learn how to do my own prom makeup and that's when I discovered Michelle Phan's videos. Immediately, she captivated me. I didn't know what it was, but I was soon clicking video after video, just enjoying seeing her apply brilliant colors to her eyes and transforming her appearance, making it look so fun and so easy. Of course, whenever I tried to duplicate her looks on myself, I remember them not seeming to look quite as neat! I remember my favorite back then was her Glamorous Birthday Look. Agh, I love that look. It reminds me of frosted cupcakes. Haha. Anyway .... there was something about her that I kept coming back to. There was something about her that I wanted to be part of, or something I felt like I needed to learn from her that was going to open some kind of door for me. Make no mistake, I certainly did not make a makeup channel the moment I found her. I watched a lot of her videos a bunch of times (at first just for entertainment, I thought) and then the summer after my senior year, I finally made a channel called "Audfaced." I already had my original channel, "Audivila" where I put mostly fan voice dubs, my short films and photoshop tutorials. My very first makeup tutorials were on "Audivila" but when I created Audfaced it was because I made the decision that I wanted a channel purely makeup based - not mixed in with random films I made or voice dubs. I wanted a concentrated channel. Here's the video I did to inform people on "Audivila" that there was going to be a split!

And here's one of my first makeup tutorials ... possibly my first tutorial released to YouTube. I wasn't home at the time I was actually out of state at a relative's house but I COULD NOT help but start making videos ... I kept watching gurus online during that vacation and somehow I found myself filming a tutorial while watching Spongebob.

As anyone who's been through the process knows, starting a channel was really awkward. One, talking to a camera just isn't natural at first. You see it as a camera, not your audience so it's hard to transition your real personality to a camera at first. Two, equipment. My first videos were all filmed my my Macbook's tiny camera hole using Photobooth. It drove me mad. It often didn't pick up the sound, was super blurry and pixely and skipped sometimes. Then imagine trying to hoist your laptop all over the place on a stable surface where it could see you and where there was good lighting. In a freshman college dorm. Not so easy!

Yes, I made some videos in the summer but it was only a 2 minute makeup tutorial and maybe a product review. I wasn't so into the idea since I was in a college dorm and I still was learning about makeup but I started getting some comments of people that actually liked me and believed in me. And so I decided to not ditch the idea just because I was in college, and keep making videos.

I had always wanted to create the extravagant, themed makeup looks. Since the start, that's what I wanted. But deep down I knew that instead of rushing to make everything, it'd be better to wait for myself to learn more about makeup, get more products, experience more things and very importantly - get a better camera. So from the start to contain myself whenever I came up with an idea I added it to this massive list of ideas that I created. I'm still working off that list. The majority of the themed makeup tutorials that exist now were likely planned or thought of months ago or even a year ago!

Knowing that I should wait, I turned to other types of videos to do. I came up with a few easy skincare-type videos like "How to heal Elephant Elbows" and "Natural Ways to Healthy Skin" and I definitely spent more time on product reviews because they didn't need to necessarily be filmed on a high quality camera as much as makeup tutorials. I even started my own "series" called "Makeup Shopping Binge Help" but only did 2 episodes and haven't done any since. Though I do plan to ... but not anytime soon. Here's my Episode 2: What To Buy. I filmed this on my little macbook right before I had an afternoon class, I remember.

I remember Halloween 2009 KILLED ME. I saw all these amazing Halloween tutorials coming out and I remember, I was Catwoman that year. I even bought this mask from the Spirit Store that I thought was awesome but it turned out it was made of this flimsy styrofoam thing ... I did try customizing it though, to look more like Michelle Pfieffer's by adding white stitch designs using a liquid white out pen. Anyway, I remember I realllly wanted to do a Black Widow and Catwoman makeup tutorial in 2009. I even asked people which they'd prefer! Unfortunately, I had a terrible camera, no time, my face was severely broken out (very very badly) and no good location. And not that great of an outfit. So ... in 2009 I did zero halloween tutorials. I was super duper bummed but I just told myself that by the next time Halloween rolled around, I would be ready! Here is one of the few makeup tutorials I filmed on my macbook - at the end you can see the poll I put up for the Halloween looks that never happened, heh.

Behold, the 88 Palette!
I remember first starting out with makeup I didn't know stores like Sephora even existed. Really! The thought of buying makeup online seemed ... unsafe and tedious. I didn't even know online makeup stores existed! So I was so confused, wondering where everyone was getting eyeshadow colors like bright lime green and red ... cause I kept checking the drugstores and grocery shops. Nope, they were all neutral or pastel colors. What? Where was all the awesome stuff? I began to learn what products were good purely from makeup gurus and what they used in their tutorials, listed in their video information bars and online product reviews on makeup. I remember the first makeup I ever bought online was Coastal Scents. I bought the 88 Palette and was seriously staring out the window EVERY DAY waiting for the postal man. I looked like such a creeper. I was insanely excited ... to me once I had that palette I would be more free to do all the looks I had waiting to be made xD And it really is a respectable palette at an affordable price. I still have and use it to this day but some of the major colors are running out, like black.

Shortly after getting my 88 Palette, I also was graciously gifted with an HD camera by my family on Christmas. I was soooo excited. I remember when I got it I just zoomed in on random things in my room, so freakishly amazed at how it could focus on things so far away. I was so used to typical digital cameras and well, my laptop camera.

My very first makeup tutorial in HD was my Avatar: Night Forest Look. I saw Michelle Phan's tutorial and a few days later just got this tuggy feeling and I really wanted to make one too. I started doing trial makeup a few times, playing around with the colors and trying to find an outfit and how to do my hair. I was so excited - I felt like I might go somewhere, with this giant palette of colors and an HD camera!

I remember I dedicated this video to Michelle Phan and she actually saw it and posted a comment. Yep, I spazeed xD

While I spent quite a lot of time editing that tutorial, I specifically remember that's when a lot of negative comments started coming in, more than ever. They all had to do with Michelle Phan or my skin. I was still incredibly new to YouTube so ... I didn't have very tough skin back then and so learning to deal with the negativity that comes with exposing yourself and your work in public was a process. I had about 49 subscribers when I released that video. My goal was to get to 150 in order to host my first contest! Haha

from Stacie Orrico inspired look

From that point on I started being able to do more makeup tutorials. I released some simple looks like my "First Kiss: A Valentines Daytime Look" or "Copper Kiss" and I did some slightly themed videos like "Doll Faced" a look inspired by the Harajuku Girls and "Midnight Sapphire Eyes" a prom look inspired by Stacie Orrico's look in her music video, "Stuck." I remember I totally enjoyed those last two looks and if you go through my video list in order, you can kind of see the progression of getting more and more into the more extravagant, themed, movie/TV/music video inspired looks.

Me as a Kyoshi Warrior

In time for the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie (pray that the next one is better!) I released some inspired makeup tutorials which was sooo fun! It's one of my all time favorite shows (and I don't have that many favorite shows) and making that series felt like I was part of it ... and a part of me wanted to liberate the fact that there were no Kyoshi Warriors in the movie by doing a makeup tutorial of one and the fact that the scar in the movie wasn't as defined as it could have been by doing a Zuko's scar speed tutorial. I know each director has his own vision which must be respected but .... come on now, you take up a defined story and idea you gotta keep its fans in mind! It was at this point that I really felt like I was finding my niche.

I had been compared to Michelle Phan since I got on YouTube and it was such a confusing process to completely admire and look up to someone and at the same time be told you're a wanna-be of them or a butt kisser. o__o SO CONFUSING. It was like ... wearing a new outfit to school and being really excited about it and liking it but having a whole load of people tell you that it looks terrible on you. Something I had always associated positive energy with was suddenly something that was apparently a flaw in me and that wasn't very nice. Before I even started "Audfaced" I decided to give her IQQU sunscreen a try, the only IQQU product to date that I have purchased. I made a product review for it on my "Audivila" channel and to this day I still randomly get people saying things like, "Oh, if you use that, why don't you have perfect skin?" or "Hmm I bet she paid you to make this." It's crazy! I was 100% honest in the review and hadn't had much contact with Michelle on releasing it. I really liked the product and it smelled wonderful!  My mom liked it too, but like said in the review I only wouldn't buy it again because of the price compared to the size. But from what I remember I think the size might have gotten bigger and the price went down since then because I made that review over a year ago to date.  I admired Michelle when I knew nothing about makeup and to this day I'm still super excited when she releases a new video but whenever someone told me to quit copying her etc. etc. I think it hurt more than it should have because a part of me felt like it might be true. I wasn't setting out deliberately TO copy her and BE her, and never to replace her, but everytime I sat down to film or edit a video I found myself gravitating more toward her style simply because she was the first makeup tutorial artist that I had EVER watched and watched a lot of before I branched out to watching other gurus. I think whenever you create something, the things you are inspired by show. This goes for story writing, movie plots, the outfit you put together every morning - when you are inspired by something and create something because of it, that inspiration shows. As bummy as it was to have to read comparison comments frequently, I just told myself that if I kept making videos and kept going, kept learning, kept experiencing and kept positive, and kept supporting other gurus, eventually I'd truly find my own style, my niche and branch out into my own field.

Michelle, the profile picture from her Xanga!
I feel like I found it when it came to themed, extreme looks. While I have always admired Michelle's professional, crisp editing style, title cards and montages of the look at the beginning and end, I think what I was able to add to my own was more crazy acting and gestures and a slight cinematic touch to the editing that made it a bit more theatrical and odd whereas she has a much more elegant, controlled editing style.

When people still compare me to her today, no matter what they say, an opinion is an opinion. I still think she's amazing, beautiful, talented and she's a living example of turning a very simple hobby into a full blown career! At the end of the day everyone's here because we love makeup, we love the art of it and we're here to share. I think all the petty stuff just comes naturally ... it's bound to happen with thousands of strangers in one area! I think that whenever someone new comes to the field, people naturally compare the new thing to something they already know. That's natural - it's a method many people subconsciously use to try and understand and sometimes even, stereotype and categorize. I remember that when Lady GaGa first came to the major attention in America a lot of people were saying she looked like Christina Aguilera. However, soon after Lady GaGa kept making more and more videos and showing herself it was clear she and Christina both had completely different styles.

Manwomanfilm in  Makeup Ethnic エスニックメイク
I was able to find my niche in more extreme makeup looks because of my love for horror and dark themes, filmmaking and special FX makeup combined with my influences from Michelle. This is why no matter what anyone says to me, I still highly respect her. If it weren't for her channel, I highly doubt I would have created one or found someone to help me out with prom makeup! If I did eventually create a channel, I'm not sure who could have inspired me enough to do so. This is not to say there aren't any other wildly talented gurus also out there, like manwomanfilm,  Petrilude, myeyeshadowisodd, KlairedelysArt, Kandee. Johnson and SO many others! I think it was Michelle's presentation, professional presence and editing that caught my attention the most. And because of her, I found an artistic outlet that completely lets me express myself. I was able to turn this into a craft that combines my love for filmmaking, for makeup, photography, photoshopping, for acting, for voice acting, video-editing, costume design, set design and even music into one. Not only that, but as much as I enjoy it, it also occasionally entertains, helps and inspires others too!  Without her, I don't think I would have seen makeup as this versatile and artistic. And in my opinion, she still has totally got it going on. It's amazing to see someone who just started out on Xanga doing simple makeup tutorials turn into the #1 Subscribed Guru on YouTube and one of the few females to have over a million subscribers as well as a woman with her own makeup and skincare line. It's simply inspiring. And you ask why I like her so much, eh? That's why! xD

screenshot from my Corpse Bride tutorial

Recently in the past month I just finished up my first series of Halloween tutorials ... the most fun I ever had making videos. Actually, it's only fun after the video is exported! Haha well, it's fun filming of course. Okay so making those all was honestly stressful (it doesn't seem like it but I'm a stressed fluffball type of person) This was stressful because I had 20 units of college classes at the time, i had a job on all the weekends of October working at Fright Fest from about 3 PM-9 PM sometimes 10, a Saturday makeup class that was 4 hours ... so I really had to crunch in the time to plan, do trial makeup, film the tutorial and EDIT. Editing takes forever ... and it was a hassle to get the voiceovers in at the end because I kept losing my voice every single week (at Fright Fest I worked in a Haunted House and would scream and shriek at people all night and get paid for it o___o) But in turn I kept losing my voice for doing my job. So I was drinking tea and honey and cough drops like crazy all October. All the tutorials were actually filmed in September and edited throughout October and released in October. Left 4 Dead Witch I think was filmed in the middle of October and it was a last minute request by a YouTube user. This one didn't make it out in time for Halloween though.
how i'd typically look at my day/night job. awesome. :P

1 of 60 Final Bellatrix shots
In Summer 2010 I also took up a new craft that I always wanted to do but never had the confidence for: Photoshoots. One, I was never really a fashionable or fashion-knowledgeable girl growing up, I didn't know anything about makeup until now and I don;t even know how to properly curl hair with a curling iron without turning the iron the wrong way at least a few times. Okay so, I'm still no fashionista and can't even name 2 designers or supermodels off the top of my head but at least I knew a bit more about how to put makeup on someone. My friends and my friends on Facebook to my surprised actually noticed me and my crazy self posting super edited and themed pictures of myself as my default picture so people began to trust me and volunteer or agree to be models for my first photo shoots. I worked all of my themes off the models. All of the themes I chose were based off their actual personalities or a character they really really liked and had wanted to dress up as before or have already, but not as extravagantly.

I asked the help of my friend to majorly help out with hair and some makeup. She was the curling master! You see her in basically all of my photoshoot videos. She accompanied me to location scouting, and visiting all our models to do trial hair, makeup and outfit and even to various stores to shop for props and accessories. It was super fun and I can never thank her enough for how much she helped me. She might start her own makeup/hair channel someday too! :)

on set "A Pretty Little Liars" photoshoot with Bellatrix :)
Keep in mind the "models" are girls my age that I just went to school with etc ... nothing professional! I did it to experience what a photoshoot would be like and to just "start." Do something, don't wait for the professional world. Referring back to Michelle Phan, that's actually what she did too and look where she is today! That's the inspirational aspect to it, this growing world and new technologies; while they do have their cons to the way a lot of people live, it also gives many people the power to spread their message and access their dreams with their own strength and drive, not needing someone to approve of them first.

I also took my very first makeup class at a community college in Fall 2010. It's called "Stage Makeup" so I got to learn abut basic corrective, opera makeup, old age, prosthetics, wigs and how to style them ... all that jazz. While I am still a newb at anything to do with wigs and prosthetics and crepe hair (hair attached to the face), taking that class also taught me many things I could apply to my channel. I also started doing "Stage Makeup Class Updates" but those unfortunately end when my class ends this year. However, my final for that class is going to be Batman villains and I'm hoping to make a video that shows the creation of the costumes, the prosthetics and the actual final day.
Trial #1 for one of my Stage Makeup final looks!

Kaylynn & her own Harajuku look! I really really love the colors and accessories! Such a nice complexion too
Twitter User @daldisco as RU-FI-OOO and .. Peter Pan!
Because of my slow growth I was able to bond with a number of girls who found me on YouTube and soon my Audfaced Facebook & Twitter. I recognize their screen names and some of their faces (if they have a picture) and love seeing comments or tweets from them :) I always thought it wasn't very likely or common to befriend and bond with people this way but I'm glad they found me! Some have even posted pictures of them using my makeup tutorials and I tell you, it's the most awesome feeling ever to realize hey .... people actually like my ideas enough to send me pictures of their take on it! Or even, just photos of them and their own makeup. HONESTLY ~ I love getting fan photos haha.

"Cant Be Tamed" Miley Cyrus Look
And well, that's where I am today! I'm already planning more photoshoots with more friends in 2011 and I'm hoping to make Behind The Scenes videos for those too to key you all in on the process! I have a whole bunch of Makeup Tutorials I've been wanting to do ... some being "Can't Be Tamed Inspired (Miley Cyrus)," more AVATAR: The Last Airbender Inspired Makeup Looks, more speed demo looks, A "Matrix" Inspired Makeup Look, a Captain Jack Sparrow Makeup Tutorial and so much more :) I'm also hoping to do more product reviews, talk videos and maybe some more personal videos on dealing with certain issues or makeup addiction issues (the not good/fun kind).

I still have a few videos left for 2011 if I can film and edit them in time. I'm hoping for 2 holiday makeup tutorials and a product review on this rather innovative shaving gel called Oliveology.  

Well, for those who read the whole thing through, now you know much more about my journey here, my inspirations and works coming up!

Feel free to contact me with requests, questions or even friendly conversation at or even YouTube messages sent to "Audfaced." Then again there's Twitter and my Audfaced and Audivila Photography facebooks ... goodness I wish all these sites were combined into one. I dislike having to keep track of all these different places! :P

I'll be here!

A montage of some of my most extreme makeup looks in 2010:

Stick around, okay? :) 2011 here I come!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summer, Sorry :|

May 7, Shmay 7th.

On Monday I'm going to find out if I got the film club position spot and if Obscure got into the film festival hosted by the same group. I ran for Ad/Tech officer of this club, so if I am elected I'll get to manage their website and make posters/flyers for them. Yayy. Design + Film. Awesome.

Oh and I like ... yeah. I need to pass stats this time and get on a bunch of other things so rediting Obscure and opening the website probably won't happen in 6 days at this point. I'm going to have to change May 7 to "Coming Summer 2010"

I don't think anyone will notice though :P I just want it to be perfect and edited to perfection, esp. with all the hardwork, time and pain it took to make that film.

Things I want ...
- A wow website layout
- An anonymous cast page
- A trailer
- Some inside videos (tours about location scouting, about the makeup, coming up with the idea etc.)
- i might even want the Audivila Films website done at the same time too

It sounds silly and ambitious but my friend was right - I shouldnt be rushing this when I'm my own boss for this and I have more important, more impacting priorities at hand, like academics and signing up for summer school.

Summer school used to be more for those who didn't do well in school during the fall and spring but now it's for people who don't want to spend too long in school because of the budget cuts. Sigh. Well, it's productive and it's something to do. Maybe I can take some drawing classes! I've always wanted to draw a nude model ... nyeyehehe. It'll make me feel like an artist of olden day times.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

May 7 Opening Day?

May 7 was originally the opening day for Obscure on YouTube, Vimeo and the Internet (it's official spot on the Obscure movie site) but because of school and its demands, I didn't think I could realistically have the website ready by then with the layout perfected and the trailer, and the film itself. I REALLY want to keep my promise and have it there, May 7, no flaws. But being realistic .... time will tell.

So the Collective @ The Coppola film festival I entered EXTENDED its due date to April 30! I busted my a** April 22 and nearly the entire day of April 23 to get it done, exported, onto a DVD and under their turn-in door. And even though I previewed it over 10 times on iMovie before exporting, it still had sound defects. So, I'm taking advantage of the second chance and fixing it and turning it back in. I don't know if I can make it shorter, but I think I can make the sound quality better.

We'll see. If I get in, I'm really going to want to go ... I wish Mother's Day wasn't on the same weekend, because I should be home that day and the film festival is HERE.

Well, enjoy the clip! You like? I used it on the iDVD menu screen. It repeats there. Here, it plays once. The guy is the most adorable best friend :)

Here is a picture of my hand-drawn concept sketch for the movie website layout and its features:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Past Pictures: 2 AM before Day 1 Obscure

This was back in late March at like 2 AM, the morning of Day 1 filming of Obscure. I JUST made my concept sketch then came up with the outfit and was testing out the makeup. In the final look I ditched the black and redness around the mouth and extended the black eyeshadow up to the brows. Got rid of the pink lids on the eyes too.

I took the "cutesy" picture to see if I was still capable of looking sane and friendly despite my outfit. Did I succeed?!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Obscure Post Production & Last Day of "Devil's Mark"

I've been posting some screenshots (very few) on Facebook to people who know me to try and get some sense of hype or knowledge of Obscure's opening day. It's a wonderful feeling when friends tell you they're looking forward to seeing your work! Same for my friends on Twitter and YouTube too :)

So I made the "official movie page" the other day and whipped up a quick photoshop blending image for now (I'll have a different one for when the website has the trailer, screenshots, a cast page and the actual movie). I haven't gotten a chance to make a somewhat complex design like that in so long - it's wonderful knowing those are shots by me, ideas from my head, finally made real. Eeeee!

Here's the website page ...

Opening day for Obscure is supposedly May 7, 2010 ... though I'm afraid setting a deadline for myself might not have been such a good idea, cause editing that for the film festival killed me.

Speaking of ...

I started editing Obscure for the school film festival at 2 AM (the morning it was due). It was supposed to be due at 12 PM. I stayed up all night. I stayed up all day and left the computer momentarily to get to a 9 AM class to take a quiz. Got a smoothie, came back and edited til 5 PM. Walked to the art building to turn it in.

What sucks is on iMovie it doesn't always show you how it really SOUNDS when you go through it before exporting ... so there was a lot of background sounds of me talking that ARE NOT supposed ot be there, and take away from the film.

It was also roughly cut .. cause I was rushing so badly. The movie that will be released on the Internet is supposed to be much more trimmed, make more sense and have much better sound.

The film was about 7:45 minutes (the one I turned in) ... I have a feeling it won't get in cause it's too long, which makes me sad. But none of the actors are going to be able to make it to the festival anyway. I might not too ...

So I'm trying to focus on making the Internet debut much better, considering I'm not expecting to get in, and if I do, I probably won't be there to see it and if I am I'll be kind of embarassed because it wasn't the cleanest cut edit. It looks like I was careless and didn't try when really I was awake for 15+ hours straight, editing it and rewatching it to try and make it as clean cut as possible cause I was already late for the turn-in time of 12 PM (I turned it in at about 5:30 PM that day)

I don't know if they received it, but well ... we'll see. The day of the film festival is May 8.

I'm planning to release it to the Internet on May 7 ... if I can make it in time.

Cause I also wanted to finish an official trailer, a working website and MAYBE the Audivila Films website. It's not realistic though. But it is what I wish for.

Now, for a sneak peek screenshot:

I wish I could have some "exclusive" videos on the website too of like tours of the place, short videos about "the making of" and scouting for locations and maybe even concept sketches or how I came up with the idea. It'd be okay to add those later though, right? Cause it's completely not realistic or smart prioritizing to expect to come up with all those videos, two websites, a trailer AND the final cut for the actual damn movie. GAH!

.... yeah I totally should not have set an opening day. I should have said "SUMMER 2010" not freaking May 7. Guhhh I might have to extend it ...



As for Devil's Mark ...

Today was supposed to be the last day of filming, but really it was yesterday! It was also supposed to go from 9 AM - 8 PM, but the producer let me go early! She said she used to do makeup for movies so she knows what it's like to wait around, feeling like you're wasting your time. My best friend came with me to accompany me and help me get to the place (we had to take two buses). We got to eat at this hippie-ish/spanish cafe' then walk to an apartment with REALLY steep stairs and a scary basement (the filming location was supposed to be a hideout area for the two Christians hiding from the Satanic authority). Luckily I got to setup makeup upstairs, in a beautifully sun-lit room ... so no scary basements for me!

I did makeup on two the lead actors for the last time and on one of the techie guys/editors that was filling in as a "satanic cop" He was really nice, and told me a bit about my school's film program. He said it was more independent and didn't really prepare you for feature films, like L.A., but he also repeated something everyone I ask has said, "It's not so much where you go, but who you know and what you do." It must be true then?

I also did makeup for fun on the friend who brought me there. Natural guy makeup! I just added some skin-colored powder, clear lip balm and redefined his eyebrows haha. I also used an undereye brightening stick on him.

Speaking of, I need to wash my brushes and sterilize stuff I used on those people.

And well! I hugged the producer and one of the actresses and left with my suitcase full of makeup and things to entertain (books, movies). Left much earlier than anticipated, which ROCKED!

I'm so glad my friend came with me :)

I got some of me doing makeup on them on tape too, so I might post that to AUDFACED or AUDIVILA on YouTube someday when I have time to edit. Hopefully they send me a DVD of Devil's Mark in the future ... I wanna see how the makeup showed up!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Promotion & Procrastination

Totally procrastinated. Film is due tomorrow at noon. I'll be up all night editing, but it's okay.

But I did make a fun, promotional video. Not the real trailer yet.

I'm planning on making a full-on viewing movie website for Obscure. Movie posters, Cast page and all! :)

But for now, enjoy Obscure + KE$HA! hahaha

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Films, how original a title

Day 2 of being on set of The Devil's Mark was maybe less stressful because I was more familiar with the work I was to do, but sitting around for hours waiting to assist in touch-ups was killer. I didn't bring my laptop this time in hopes I'd read this book for class, but I didn't get too far. It's kinda of lonely there, but at least all day shooting was on campus.

As for my own film, Obscure, I was suppose to edit it today, all day, but I didn't do half as much as I'd hoped. I got 4 hours of sleep from like 10 PM-1:30 AM ... and I have one class tomorrow at about 12:30 PM so I'm just planning to stay up and get as much done as possible. It's 5 AM right now. I know, unhealthy, but it's due Friday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are going to be slightly busy. And after this, it's academics, of course. So I want it done. I've had to stay up pretty long editing a few times this year, I should be used to it. Besides, it's my baby, a film I wrote, directed, did makeup for and acted in. I should be thrilled to be editing it! ... though I do wish for sleep. Ah well. Hopefully this turns out right!

Someone just suggested I make a movie trailer for it. Haha, maybe after I actually finish the movie. I LOVE making trailers though. I already made 2 movie posters for it, so yes! A trailer is must.

Tonight/as the sun rises, the plan is to work on just getting the story elements in. Tomorrow, when time I will work on lighting and stabilizing and good angles. Hopefully the last to do is all the sound, music and special sound effects. I may have to add some sounds of my own (footsteps, child giggles, whispers etc.)

Well, that's the plan!

Good day/night/morning for now.

Man, just when I started going to sleep early, I have to break it to finish this.

Oh and I heard today A LOT of artists stay up til like 2 AM and beyond frequently cause it's their most creative hours. And that it's soon to be a mental illness? Hmm ... well. I have no problem with whatever it's called. It's when all the ideas and hard work come :P Just how some people work.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lessons on set from observation

As Director
- give the actors some freedom to interpret their own lines and listen to their suggestions
- be friendly to everyone on set, familiarize

As Gaffers/Light
- uhhh ... know what you're doing. the world of these men (they're all men here) is still super misty to me

As an actor
- bring some of your own makeup,it can be a lifesaver
- familiarize yourself with people you have lines with
- work on interpretting the lines
- try 2
- hold your eyelids relaxed for the makeup!

- bring food
- check in with everyone occasionally
- carry a clipboard

makeup artist
- when you have freetime, reorganize your makeup so that all the brushes are together, all the eyemakeup is separate from the lipsticks, etc. when rushing on set, you want things to be easy to find and grab
- bring tissue, oil wipes and cosmetic wedges
- keep your hands clean and not weird-smelling
- chew gum or don't breathe on them ... luckily i didn't have to go through anything traumatic as the artist to learn this. though when i had my makeup done as a bridesmaid for a wedding, it would have been nice if i wasn't breathed on in the hot weather
- bring "stuff" just in case i.e. hairspray, extra brushes, that color you never use etc.

On Set

I just did makeup on

1. A middle aged woman, maybe 28 who is Latina
2. A 12 year old girl ^ her daughter
3. a Latino man? Portuguese i think Maybe 40's he plays an evil guard
4. he father; 40's but looks young, caucasian
5. a 23 year old, african american woman. she's gorgeous! i love how colors show up on her skin
6. a young man, maybe early to mid 20's, caucasian

SO many different skin tones! Luckily the producer brought 3 palettes called "Cinema Secrets." Saved me, because I don't have foundation and concealer for all these skin tones.

Basically I've been covering blemishes, contouring, defining eyebrows and putting dark circles on people. In my mind I'm just trying to imagine I'm Michelle Phan and that I know what I'm doing. When I started contouring this woman's nose she was like, "Hmm i've never heard of this before. Interesting." I was like eeeep in my head I'm like, "Act like you know what you're doing. Act like you know what you're doing."

I'm actually still on set right now, the actors are in the same room. I brought my laptop and some books, knowing that on set there's intense work, then hours of sitting around doing nothing. Horray!

I'm so glad we're on campus though, so my dorm is about 5 minutes away and food to buy is nearby (though they have a snack table) and a fully functioning bathroom is right down the hall. This is my favorite building here.

What's funny is, right outside the studio that they're shooting in is the hallway I shot the first narrative script I wrote (Hard Candy) It was a rushed film and only 5 minutes, but it was for CMF (Campus Movie Fest 2009). The same bathroom I did makeup on my friend/actress is the one I just went to. Nyehehe.

Sooo I'm still here. Kind of tired, but at least I have my laptop and food! It's already 2:30 PM though, and we have to be out of here by 5 PM. They started setting up at 9 AM. I got here at 10:30 AM. Oh how slow things go.

I understand though, technical problems get in the way. Good thing we're not outside though, cause waiting for the sun/chasing the sun is insane sometimes.

I wish I had all of today to edit Obscure and work on some prom makeup tutorials, but I'm glad I didn't bail on this project.

Hey, maybe I'll have my name in the credits of this film! How cool would that be, "Makeup Artist" or "Makeup by ...."

Ooooh how fun :)

You know what'd be cool? Doing makeup on girls from my old high school for prom.

Okay I'm getting ahead of myself.

SO I tried editing Obscure last night but I burnt out, so tired. My friend wants to go out tonight but I really want to get some videos and homework done. She was the star of Obscure though, so I'm torn between what to do :|

Weeelll I suppose I'll end this haphazard blog for now. Till later!

Hopefully Devil's Mark gets posted on the Internet somewhere or they have a preview so that you will be able to see their makeup :)

I realized I just want to be involved in all the aspects of film:

writing, directing, editing, cinematography, acting, voice, makeup, costume, hair, producing, storyboarding and set design ... it sounds like i'm indecisive but really i think, i just love the world of film in pre and post production and well, production at that. wonder what that means...
Today was strangely tiring. I don't feel accomplished or as if I did any tiring work. But my legs hurt and I feel more tired than I usually do for 4:30 AM! Maybe it's because for the past 2-3 days I've been trying to sleep by 2 AM. (I usually stay up pretty late, against my desires ... one time this week I was up til like 6. Then 8. AM)

Gweh anyway, so it's Friday night to me but tech. it's Saturday morning now.

I had no classes on Friday but I spent most of the day running around, then I went to watch part of the film festival. The producer of The Matrix and Lord of the Rings was there (I think?) to accept an award so I was like ... le gasp. Just knowing he was around people like Gimli, Gandalf, Aragorn and Legolas is enough for me. And the Matrix! Forever one of my favored movies. But anyway, I got to see some Documentary, Music Video and Cinematographer based student films. Really good, it made me want to go there I'll admit. But then I remembered a review online that said, "save all the money you wold have spent on tuition for equipment." Right now it's my desire to stay here.

I rushed to Walgreens after leaving the festival to buy some cosmetic wedges for the dress rehearsal back at school.

So many angry people, any trains, angry cars ...

I rushed back to my dorm to fix my makeup and pick UP my makeup bag, and when I got to the studio I was an hour late but when i asked, "Am I late?" They were like, "Ohh noo ... we're just getting started." Shoulda known from my own experience that the call time is often extended cause no one's really ready :P

I did makeup on a 23 year old actress who is playing the lead. She is African-American and BEAUTIFUL! Though I was worried my cosmetics weren't gonna show up on her skin. We had some trouble, but luckily she brought her NARS blush (which worked wonders) and she's bringing her own foundation tomorrow, cause I don't have their skin types ...

I'm worried. I'm worried they can all tell I'm not professional :( But gah! They advertised at a school so they got a student makeup artist Mehhh. I just hope I don't do a crap job for first day of shooting tomorrow. 8 Hours of shooting! Gahhh

It was nice to go to another school's festival, then come to a film shooting by by own school to assure me that I can still make some nice films here THEN get to go back to my dorm, freshen up and work on editing my own short, Obscure.

UNFORTUNATELY i am so tired i stopped within 2 hours.

and my eyes are falling closed

i have to get up early tomorrow. on sunday too. and i have a ton of hw and editing.

save me

Friday, April 16, 2010

3 Filmly Things

I finally painted my fingernails and toenails black today yayy. Wow that sounds grosser than it should have. But I bought the nailpolish for like 98 cents from a place near home and brought it to college and I thought I didn't bring it but I did and WHOO I am painted and drying. I actually bit off most of my nails when stressing about stats but hey, here I am.

... So, that was my non-film talk.

Tomorrow, I am doing three filmly things:

1. Going to the first hour and a half of a film festival hosted by another school. I have free tickets, but I may be alone for this one :(

2. Got to come back to school early to attend the dress rehearsal of Devil's Mark as their makeup artist

3. Spend the night (hopefully) doing some progressive editing on Obscure. I really need to get this done, I don't have another weekend to work on it after this one!

Speaking of, I have two trial movie posters. What think?

Nyehhh I'm nervous for tomorrow. But no classes, yay!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Student Films

This young filmmaker who has been raising money for his film, Solomon Grundy finally reached $10,000! It's inspiring and exciting to see someone breaking into the industry and reaching his dreams. He even has a IMDB page! < His blogspot < His IMDB for Solomon (wow what'd I'd give to be on IMDB!)

He was born not too far away from I was ... wow, how did he make it up there? I hope I can intern or shadow him someday :P


Well about my own little film, Obscure ...

School as usual has been hectic. I've been trying to plan all these school tours but yesterday I think I decided to stay where I am, change my major to cinema (possibly) or just something else and minor in something and just do film by collaborating, finding individual gigs and opportunities and taking small classes and summer workshops etc and pushing on my own ... I'd like film to be my main source of income but realistically I know I should have something on the side.

So I haven't had time to edit Obscure. I think I need to start my editing process over, I had too much going on and I was throwing in a bunch of random clips.

I've been looking on Craigslist lately, "studying the job market" (or at least, I think that's how people do it) and it feels like design, web design and graphic design always have lots of jobs ... I'd do that, but my school doesn't offer a graphic design major, I don't think. And I think I might be somewhat good at it, but I don't really like formatting simple logos and stuff. I like intricate things like movie posters and artsy t-shirt designs.

Ehh I don't know. But I'm really glad I'm staying at this school. I hope it can still offer a lot, though I do understand school is what you put into it. I don't want to put my parents in debt with art school and it'd be pretty cool if I made it and I can say, "I didn't go to art school/film school." True, I'd LOVE to attend a school engulfed in art ... but I don't want to be $50,000 in debt. I've done more reading, touring, thinking, crying, review-reading, video-watching about prospective schools than is healthy for me and well ... I think I'm going to stay here. People and things I love are here too. The location has many opportunities.

9 days left to finish editing Obscure ...

Oh but I'm going to a school-based film festival this Friday! I got free tickets for two. I'm excited.

That same day is dress rehearsal for Devil's Mark, a student film that I'm helping out as makeup artist. I'm nervous, I hope that can't tell I don't really know what I'm doing :X

I'll keep ya updated!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Obscure Editing

Well. Since I am swamped with 19 units of classes this semester, bad planning, trying to plan tours to visit art schools I might want to transfer to and too many individual side projects, I haven't gotten the chance to fully put all my attention on editing Obscure. I compiled a bunch of test footage all in this one project and I think that kind of backfired cause now it's like 12 minutes of confusion. I may just start over. (In Editing) Maybe this current project will just be a test to see how some footage works and how some does not. I filmed a bunch of intro/nature/setting from 3 locations, 2 specifically chosen for Obscure, the other while I happened to be in a slightly foresty region with my family.

So anyway ... one more weekend until it's due. The 23rd. I really really want to get in. It'd make my year :P

So I wrote this "Post Production" planning thing on paper where I tried to break down times. For example

2:00 - Intro, subtitles & setup
2:00 - Setup, rise to climax
1:00 - Climax
1:00 Fall from Climax
1:00 Closure + Credits

It has to be under 8 minutes, so I was aiming for 6-7. I don't want this film to seem rushed and half assed :(

I also wrote down the mood I'm trying to convey. I wrote: eerie, doll-like, psychotic, lonely, confusing.

I still need to re-record the short song I wrote in my creepy little girl voice.

Sound effects i esp. want: Whispers, giggles, fantastical movie music, rustles maybe

I hope I have time to edit ... these school tours and early life crisis is really getting in the way of everything. So is my fear of failing stats and finding housing for next year.

But here, enjoy a picture of my two best friends out of character and one of my editing in the making!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

OBSCURE: Day 2 of Filming

It wasn't easy to get started, but it's 1:37 AM right now, and about 7-8 hours ago me and 3 others finished Day 2 of filming Obscure and Obscure overall.

Since it was a Saturday and we're all in COLLEGE ... getting up was not easy. Nope, not at all.

And -

1. it looked like it was going to rain
2. finding food at the beginning was a bit unnerving and confusing
3. there was an open house/sneak peek on our campus that morning so the campus was swarming with high school seniors ... which was nice to have the campus seem not-deserted and made us feel like we're not the only ones awake, but it was also a bit annoying because they were all over the place and they were clogging the places we needed to eat/buy food from
4. at the forest setting, there was a wedding ... so we had to watch out not to freak them out with our unconventional appearance and attire
5. it started lightly drizzling when we arrived at the forest

So I packed, wrote a rushed Shot List (AGAIN) despite having the whole week, made sure to pack water bottles, tissue, and extra jackets for people, brought a huge duffle bag to fit EVERYTHING in (including the tripod that I never actually used).

Err it's late so im not typing too logically so bear with me

I did makeup and hair and fed people at my dorm then we headed out by 1 ... which was a lot later than I had wanted. We were supposed to FINISH at 1. Oh well.

We had to walk to the train station and ride public transportation and walk in public so we put on minimal makeup and sweats over the dresses. Didn't feel like looking too crazy that day.

I wish we had some private transport bus ... hahaha the "Audivila Films" transport. So we don't have to lug around stuff, pay for public transport or walk in public with our costumes. And some people had to walk out of the forest with fake blood all over them and get on the train ... wonder if it startled any civilians :P

The forest was different, but a bit nicer since it wasn't too isolated and a little easier to move around and store things on. There were some picnic tables, which I am SO thankful for. Last time, we could only put all our stuff on top of a tree stump. That was damp. Yeuck.

I had a hard time focusing because I was out of it and honestly this entire process has been a bit doubtful, stressful and confusing. I wouldn't have made it through had it not been for my encouraging friends and crew people and their optimism. Seriously. If it were some group of people I had just hired, I don't think I'd had been able to do it.

We had lots of fun footage of random dancing and laughing - and yes, we didn't forget to do the famous group hug at the end.

We were out of there by at least 5:30 PM.

Afterwards we went back to school, freshened up, ate dinner, showered then relaxed. I just finished uploading the footage to iMovie.

It's weird, how long it takes to film stuff for a 5-7 minute film. Then again I had given myself so many tasks and little energy so we were moving slow.

Obscure was filmed on two separate days, once in March and once in April. And neither of the days were physically or mentally easy. But I haven't been this exicted to finish editing a film, ever. It's, to me, my first real narrative, as short, minimal and simple as it may turn out.

I have a strong feeling I won't be able to make any new films in awhile after this, being the end of school soon and how exhausting this process was. Especially cleaning up and dragging ourselves out there to random locations.

Lessons learned
- Hm next time have your luggage (equipment) and shot list ready BEFORE the morning of
- Feed them before you start. If they say they're not hungry, feed them anyway! Especially if there will be no time for break
- Check on your actors
- Defend them from mosquitoes (this time I brought bug spray though, ha! Though I was too late to save one person from a bug bite ... I saw the bugger too.)
- Take filler shots, they may come in handy
- Take the more complicated shots first
- Stay warm
- Stay hydrated
- Be aware of surroundings
- Watch out for prickly plants
- Watch out for "bitch squirrels"

PS - I kinda didn't put as much attention to detail in terms of costume detail, intricate makeup an hair. I suppose I didn't have much time or energy to, this time. And most of the closeups were done last time. We didn't have our weapons this time either, since I didn't want to be carrying those to school AND on public transportation. We didn't really need them though, I'm thankful to say.

Well! Submissions are due April 23 at noon. Hopefully I'll get it in at least 2 days before then. Because if anything, I spend oodles of time (often more than is healthy) on editing, and so I hope that's what will help make this film good! I hope I get into the festival, even if it's just for a school club :)