Sunday, December 26, 2010

Makeup Glimpses in the Philippines

I'm spending this Christmas season in the Philippines and have been here for about a week as of now. And I have been to a number of malls with my relatives here mostly because my sister is on this epic hunt for these flats she found at Shu Bizz a few years ago and wants another pair :P

Anywayy it's nice seeing the ways things are laid out in a different country and it's a bit of challenge converting pesos to U.S. dollars everytime I see a price.

But of course, I do naturally gravitate toward anything cosmetic-like. I was at Landmark mall the other day and it was so strange, seeing LOREAL and Maybelline and Cover Girl have a counter to test makeup like it was a high end brand. Though, it was nice to be able to test them even if in the states, they are usually packaged drugstore products. Usually, back in the states, only brands like ORIGINS, Laura Mercier?, Lancome, Clinique and some other brands I can't remember off the top of my head are the ones behind counters.

I was waiting for my group to come back in the midst of the cosmetics/shampoo section of a store and realized I was next to a rack of BB Creams. I remember 2 people from my Audfaced Facebook mentioned it and it was either 244 pesos or 400 something pesos which is about $5-10 so i was like HEY why not? So I got two bottles ...

Here's what it looks like:

I've tried it out a few times but it'll take some time and testing to do a proper blog review or video review.

I also got this amazingly pigmented and actually pretty long lasting Maybelline palette that I know you can find the states too and I've seen it there before ... I just never got to test it. It's called "Fresh Green" and I used it the very next day for a Christmasy peacock colored outfit I had. The makeup lasted all day and night! I was impressed. Here it is, I got a picture from Google but it's from this other girl's makeup blog. You should check it out, she has some cutesy cool stuff!

I've also gotten to see a few stores and brand names I have completely no knowledge of. It's kind of nice! Getting to test brands and stuff all over again not sure what will really be good or not or what brand. I know I went into this shop called "Etude House" and got some eyeshadows there ... I got a matte black shadow and this pewter-ish shimmery color.

Anyway, besides the minor makeup ventures here in the PI I've also brought some videos and photoshoot pictures to work on here and there. I'm currently working on Mystic Mermaid photoshoot pictures and playing with footage and music to use in the Behind the Scenes video, my Poison Ivy/Two Faced photoshoot pictures and this "original Audfaced look" demo video of this hardcore, metal look I named Steel Assassin. Tis very painful looking o_o Wanna see?

waha! Yes yes it is very metal-oriented and painful looking ... but sacrifices must be made to get the essence of some looks! 
This video SHOULD (keyword is should) somehow be edited and posted sometime in January 2011. It's probably going to be my first video for 2011, yeehayy!

Ah and a sneak peek for the Mystic Mermaid photoshoot ...

Get your New Year's resolutions ready, 2011 is going to be a year of creativity!

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Hey, just wanted to drop in when i found out about your blog. I'm a big fan of your work. You are so full of talent that needs to be recognized. keep doing what you love.