Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring 2010: New Ideas

I contemplated keeping this blog for awhile. Some things just need time to figure out, honestly. And I realized that if I could just created a nice place to put this blog, I would want to keep it and record lessons i learn, frustrations or exciting things along the way during this whole film business thing I've been trying to get into.

So on YouTube, I'm constantly thinking of way too many different kinds of videos to talk videos, makeup tutorials, product reviews, short trailers for things that don't exist, music video parodies, animations, voice dubs and gyaah! On top of school sometimes it feels like too much. I have to remember NOTHING I do outside school is required, but when ever is there time to do what you want? Gotta make time!

I keep getting bits and pieces of ideas for future films in the most odd situations and I'm always scrambling to find my phone so that I can save the ideas in a draft text. Recently, my best friend I went to a museum by the water and I got the most random inspiration for an idea that seems reachable enough to be my first BIG kind of film where I'd really try and hire an actress that I didn't know before hand, deal with production, makeup, locations, microphones - all that stuff. I REALLY like the idea. I think I'd call it Mirror Vanity or Vanity Mirror. It's basically about a vain, beautiful girl that has to pay a price for looking in the mirror one too many times by becoming a slave to the show of beauty in an old fashioned arcade store (the kind where you paid like 10 cents to 25 to see a peep show, get your fortune told or see a wooden puppet show) I'm thinking - Imaginarium/Alice in Wonderland status. Real circus-like, artsy, dark but beautiful and meaningful. I'd honestly honestly spend lots of time and even some money on this, and try to enter it into a bunch of film festivals. But I'd need a lot of special effects, that's the thing. I'm just afraid the locations i want will be gone by the time i'd ever be ready to film it!

So that's that.

I wanted to do a Making Of Jurassic Park: The Gist video before I don't live on campus anymore, but it seems so trivial that I never have time for it. I'd LOVE to make that video though. It just seems like no one would care though once I got it out though, haha. Just me and a handful of people, but that should be enough, shouldn't it?

I've also been wanting to ... you know. I could go on forever about my ideas, but right now it's almost 4 AM, tomorrow's Monday and I should get some sleep!

But I did tweak the layout of this site a little to make it more likable on my terms so I think I shall be back soon! :)

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