Saturday, March 20, 2010

Film Class

Right now I'm an English major. Though that doesn't mean much, I figured I'm going to start writing about anything and everything I learn about film along the way. Here's what I got so far

1. Shit will happen. Batteries die, memory cards get left behind, tripods don't work, the sun won't come up, actors may not be able to say the lines quite as you imagined, soem files just won't export, sometimes iMovie doesn't save all that font editing you did, the audio didn't catch, the boom pole got in the shot, someone laughed, someone looked at the camera .. yeah. Stuff happens. It's ridiculous sometimes how perfect a person wants a scene to look to the point that it's rarely ever natural.

2. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. I have done no collaborations yet. Yet as much as I want to be director, producer, cinematographer, actor, makeup artist, screenwriter, editor and a film groupie ... I know I can't. But maybe I can take on different roles each time. I realized there's so many talented people out there, people who are my friends and those who aren't. Sometimes, it's just time to be solo. But sometimes, the most brilliant, amazing work comes from a group of people truly working together. You'll fight, you'll learn, you'll create something.

3. Maybe film school isn't necessary. I have no evidence to back this up. And I might change my major to cinema and I was counting on taking that Digital Video Intensive in the next 3 years. But many people in the artistic and media world never went to school for it. They were just good at it.

4. "It's not where you go, it's what you've done and who you know." -AAU Student (2010)

5. "Practice and originality will take you much farther than any high quality end brand."

6. "Some ideas are like wine. They may take a little waiting and aging to get them at their best!"

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