Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lessons I'm Learning

7. Opportunities don't make time for you, so when they come around you simply have to make time for them. There is rarely a "good time"

8. "If you're too busy making sure you don't make mistakes, you won't do much of anything else." Go outside your comfort zone, try something different, try something even if you're thinking it's never going to work. In this industry, I'm beginning to believe that "experience" is the #1 educator

9. Sleep on it. Don't ever rush editing if you can help it. Why? Because you'll think of something brilliant the next day, when you're not sleep ridden ... most of the time.

10. Always charge your battery.

11. Take care of that camera. Don't be loose with it.

12. Invest in a good tripod.

13. Own a monopod.

14. Give yourself time to eat healthily and use the bathroom. *thumbs up*

15. Take time to watch the work of people out of your league, in your league and your peers.

16. Never hesitate to tell someone you enjoyed their work or that they did a great job.

17. Appreciate style.

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