Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Huh ... so I'm looking at my Winter Break entry and you know? Sometimes ambitious to-do lists stay the same for years. Ughh I want to be productive. I just wish I didn't have academics to worry about during BREAK.

So here are the things I'd love to finish before I have to go back to school:

1. Draft out and film some of my Collective @ The Coppola film festival entry (i'm thinking forest and horror and freaky stuff for this)

2. Be prepared to do Devil's Mark vanity makeup as well as a bloodied wounded person (Devil's Mark is a short film by some students at my school. I think it might be their thesis project)

3. Film and post for AUDFACED:
- Stacie Orrico Prom tutorial
- What's in my prom purse video
- Pre Prom Skincare ideo
- Telephone: Tough Girl tutorial
- Harajuku Girls: Doll Faced tutorial
- Miracle Products: Olive Oil
- Miracle Products: Vaseline Jelly
- Stupid Things I've Done With Makeup talk video

4. Figure out where I'm going to school next year and what my major will be

5. Read No Country For Old Men (it's for my ENG 230 class)

6. Understand stats so I don't fail again

7. Post Powerpuff Girls and AVATAR (Azula) voiceover videos

8. Open AUDIVILA FILMS website & release experimental reel 2009

9. Figure out what I'm doing this summer

10. Design a THREADLESS t-shirt entry

11. Apply to Ringling, Full Sail ... ?

12. Look into buying Final Cut

13. Do a photo shoot? Figure out your photography craving

14. Draft SF State 2009-2010 Reel

15. Draft The Making of Jurassic Park video

*14-15 are time sensitive and things I really want to have but not might get to complete if not done within the remaining semester

16. Watch PS I love you (for ENG 214)

17. DO ALL HOMEWORK, basically

18. Learn some animation programs from Dad

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