Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hugging the Rock

After seeing Oh Good Productions and their dedication to their blogsite despite how busy they are, I was inspired to give this place another try. Maybe it'll make me more active in my aspirations for film or help develop my ideas?

So Oh Good Productions is a group of guys in college in Southern California and they have been in the business since 2001 so they've really got it down. They have won some awards, they save up for cameras, write scripts and have big plans to shoot a short drama this Winter Break 2009. Well anyway - the fact that they too are college students really inspires me to keep a blog like them. I just think it's beyond cool; the thought of saving up money for a microphone, camera, a road-trip or money to pay actors or whatever. I mean yes my real dream was to be an actress but making the films is so much fun too.

So anyway I haven't been much active in the film business if you count out all my frivolous makeup videos on YouTube. However, the project I've been waiting on is this contest where you have to make a book trailer for Susan Brown Taylor's "Hugging the Rock." And I went as far as to use some money to buy the book off Amazon, wait for it to be delivered to my college dorm, spend a few hours reading it, and makign 1-4 draft scripts for the trailer.

Now it's due December 13 or 15 (forgot which) and I haven't started filming yet but I have "started."

Sadly I am not yet in the type of thing where I get definite actors to play full shots. In this project it's more of a flurry of no-faces, actions, voice-overs and words flashed on the screen.

Another obstacle is my laptop doesn't recognize my camera USB so I'm going to have to load all my footage onto someone else's laptop, send it to my laptop through Dropbox then load it to iMovie. I have so much to learn about video editing and audio-editing ... makes me sad.

But anyway, the contest is a scholarship for $1000 and there is only winner. It's for 13 year olds to 18 year olds so I just make the cut-off, ha.

I don't think mine is going to be all that spectacular but I am excited and the money is some motivation cause heck, anyone can use money for school in these days.

So I hope to start filming at least half of the footage at home this Thanksgiving break, the rest at college and I'll edit in college then submit online before finals are over.

... Yep. That's the plan.

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