Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Break 2009

Just got home for Winter Break after completing my first semester of college and I fully intend to art myself out with illustrations, short stories, screenplays and videos for all!

This will sound weird but usually I get lots of inspiration when I'm about to sleep or during a very steamy shower. I feel like the world is mine sometimes during those hours hahaha.

Anyway, so I feel like Audivila Films is getting a little more bulk. My channel on YouTube is still very diluted since Audivila is full of other things like Voice overs, makeup tutorials and just random stuff but as you know, for academic reasons I made Beautiful Women and Hugging the Rock. One was for a group project, the other for a scholarship entry.

I must say Hugging the Rock is the first video I've made where I don't regret anything or something didn't go wrong in processing the video. For example, in Hard Candy I accidentally undid all the text placement before processing. In Jurassic Park there is a fuzz glitch sound at the end that should have been muted and it's SUPER quick since 2 minutes was the limit. I want to redo Jurassic Park to make it more slow and put in better voiceovers on my part. Heartbeat doesn't really couuunt .... I did that in 3 hours the night before I got my wisdom teeth pulled out so I was terrified and just trying to learn how to use iMovie.

WELL anyway - I just wrote that part for my future self to look back on and see how far I hopefully come.

So some rough ideas for Winter Break are ...

- Bad Romance Remake ? Far fetched but I LOVE that song and it'd be so fun to create outfits and choose scenery or motions to somehow do something.

-Write a screenplay or idea script for a mini college documentary on makeup and its users

- Redo Jurassic Park

- Wonderland voices

- Fake trailer for a madeup movie

- Horror film screenplay (short)

- Douchebag chronicles type of thing ... collab. with my expert friend on DBs.

- Finally finish my animation and voice-over

- voice dub a Disney princess song? uhhh

- Followback Girl

- Greener Lifestyle Tips

- Talkshow/Comedy Take 1

- those are all my ideas for now. It's late and I'm a bit tired ... so much to do!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hugging the Rock Complete! What now?

Today, around 9:30 PM about 2.25 hours away from the deadline time (11:59 PM) I submitted my entry for the Hugging the Rock trailer contest! It's not great, pretty blurry and I really am not thrilled about the voiceovers but despite all the put downs I just said, I am happy with the finished product. Actually, I'm just thankful I got to turn it in, because it would have sucked major if I had spent all that time during FINALS SEASON only to be turned down. So by January 15, 2010 they are supposed to notify the winner. Of course I hope to win (it's a $1000 scholarship and works posted on their book website) but I am honestly content with having another thing to put in my scarce "Audivila Films" folder.

I decided I really want to create a "face" for Audivila Films soon. You know how pixar has their little jumping lamp, another company has a kid jumping in a lake, some other filmmaker has a fast thunderstorm thing (sheesh I don't even know the names, hah some film fan I am) or how Marvel films always start with those ... comicly things. Anyway. A logo. I was thinking this picture?

The entire picture of course. I know it's been seen somewhere before but I know I want that weird eerie mystic thing going on and I'm liking the color green. I wish I could animate it or make the eye blink but right now that's simply beyond my knowledge. It's a heavily photoshopped picture :P There is no way I can make it move. For now. And that's all. But yes I'm thinking if there is to be a logo for Audivila Films, its first one would be something like that.

Uhh so as for the next film project? No idea yet. I have Christmas/Winter break coming up and I have a lot of non-film art projects planned to complete but maybe I should finally just write my own script and actually have actors. No more snippets, trailers, halves of faces or contest entries. What do you think?

I think it's about time I learn how to write a screenplay. I have no idea how, but it shouldn't be super hard...hard part is getting it good on camera.

Speaking of cameras here and there I snoop and look at good editing programs and good cameras to start saving up on. I mean, sometimes my camera surprises me and takes a good shot but half the time I'm struggling with blurriness and lighting. Eventually I'm going to need a bigger camera if I get serious about this. I just want my first camera to be one I stay with for a LONG time and researched a lot. I'm thinking canon or panasonic. I don't know. As for programs, all I can find is FCP or Final Cut Pro. I heard 7.0 is no better than 2.0? Errrrm. Not sure. Need more research. What else is there? I need to understand coloring programs, because the reason i love editing is changing lighting. SO FUN. What other programs are out there? I guess I should stay Mac compatible though ...

Speaking of Macs, over break I can get my laptop fixed YAY. Because the USB does not work which has a been a PAIN for two reasons:
1. Can't update iPod so I've been stuck with old songs.
2. Can't directly upload pictures from card. Had to use Dropbox and a friend's laptop to get my own files!

But luckily my USB still recognizes the printer cable. Otherwise I'd academically be screwed.

So anyway, the gist of it is

1. Finished trailer entry YAY!!
2. Planning on doing some kind of film writing or thing over winter break?
3. Starting to research editing programs and HD cameras
4. Can't wait to get laptop USB drive fixed
5. Thinking of a face or logo for Audivila Films


Over break I should jazz up this Blogger too, huh?